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Creating Consistency

As you’re all aware, I have no scheduled posting…. schedule. I post when I please and while this works great for my creative process, it’s terrible for business, and for you avid readers out there who (for whatever reason) desperately scour my blog. I can’t make any promises, just yet, but I would like to share with you my plans.

I am thinking of continuing spewing out random blog posts every time I get the urge, but I also what a sense of continuity. Because of this I am starting a weekly post that will more than likely be out on weekends. I can’t give you specifics yet. This post was meant to be more of an apology for silence.

You guys and gals are fantastic and I can’t wait to share more with you. Hang tight. I’ll return!

More To Come!

Again, sorry for the lack of posts. I have a couple ideas cooking in my noodle and hopefully they will be ready for publication soon. Wednesday (which is technically today) is the day my brother gets home from his Mission. There will be plenty of stories to tell about it later. I will talk about that, and Easter, my new job, the movie I’m interning on, and so on! I’m so excited, guys and gals. You’re all so incredibly wonderful and I can’t wait to share what’s been going on. Love you all!

Sleep well and dream big!