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That’s right! This blog is getting a major facelift.

I apologize for the lack of posts in the recent months. I’ve moved out. I got a new job. I dated and didn’t date. It’s been an incredibly busy time.

I got this blog because a friend of mine made it for me and invited me to blog alongside her. It’s not my cup of tea, per say, but it was definitely really fun. So, with that in mind, I have a few exciting announcements!

  1. I’m not alone anymore. And it’s actually quite crowded.
    I am working with 8 other people. Well, fictional people. These 8 characters make up pieces of personality. It helps me keep things organized and even gives me the opportunity to do some pretty cool things.
  2. Changing the name!
    I am changing the name of Tay’s Talks to “The Gemini Journals”. This will coincide with my upcoming YouTube channel of the same name. You will all get the chance to listen to me ramble about various things from my experiences with the Law of Attraction to camping hacks! There’s a lot of content a-coming.

In addition to the revamp of the blog and the introduction of the YouTube channel, we will be opening up a Facebook Page, Twitter, and we’ll be publishing short stories, webcomics, and short films. Be excited, my lovely readers. I TOLD you this was my year! I told you all! MWAHAHAHA!


Anyway, let me know which articles are your favorites. We’re getting rid of most of them, unless we can archive them somehow. Love you!


Because There is No Alternative

Things have been going extraordinarily well, as of late. I’m employed at a fantastic company that I love, with awesome coworkers, good pay, and a real chance at learning and growing. I’m grateful for such an opportunity. My home life is also going pretty well. My lovely oldest younger sister is on a mission for our church and is currently in Utah for training before being sent off to Washington State. It’s super cool. I’m very proud of her. My brother is doing really well for himself, working for a pest control company. What was the first thing he bought? A ton of video games and an epic computer for gaming. My youngest sister is in the grip of mid-high school life, so it’s about as good as it could be for her (rough, but manageable). My parents are happy and my dad might even be able to get off insulin in a year. I might have an opportunity to move out sooner rather than later, and I’m starting up a tiny local business-thing to help me make some extra money. (Don’t worry. It’s not drugs. Yet.) Life is simple and good right now.

So then, why am I feeling so craptastic?

The long answer: I’m halfway into a relationship I don’t know will work, my self-image is crumbling, my health is in decline, I’m still nowhere near to releasing my first film, I’m tired most of the time, I get anxious about the dumbest things, yadda yadda.

The short answer: I’m not perfect.

I know, I know. You can’t be perfect. You can’t expect yourself (or be expected by others) to perform flawlessly and shoot to the top of the ladder at your job, relationship, or whatever else is in your life. You just can’t. To do so causes stress, and for a man who is 24 and has to live at home, that’s a pretty normal. I know, intellectually, that I’m imperfect and that I’m not supposed to be perfect. That said, I know I’m not at my best, that my potential is untapped, that I am nowhere near where I would like to be. It’s rough.

I want to be traveling the world. I want to be making movies. I want to be changing lives. I want to be helping people. I want to be independent. I want, I want, I want, but I don’t have. I’m failing to live up to my own expectations. So I came up with a couple solutions. The first is pretty obvious:

Lower your expectations of yourself.

This tends to be the go-to when I asked for advice on the matter. “You can’t be perfect,” and “you shouldn’t try to do too much,” were common responses. “You need to set lower standards,” was also popular. This might work for you, because your standards might be ridiculous. You might think that you have to raise those four kids, balance a check book, and end world hunger all before 8 in the morning. It’s admirable that you want to do all these things, but it might be a little foolish to try to do it all alone. Which brings me to my second solution:

Try harder.

Maybe your expectations and standards are within reach. You’d probably know better than I would. I personally don’t think my standards are that implausible. I want to live in my own apartment/condo/house, travel to a new place every month (even if it’s just to another city), and make enough money to support myself. It shouldn’t be that hard, yet for some reason it is. In fact, in my experience, this is basically impossible. Why? Because I’m not trying hard enough. I haven’t ever been able to completely focus or devote myself to any one thing – goal or otherwise – without assistance. Or rather, I haven’t forced myself to do so. When the going gets tough, the Tay got going. But that needs to change if I want to reach my goals.

To sum up, there are several roads you can take. You can change your standards, change your course in life, change how hard you work; whatever the case may be. You have the power. And I have the power. Believe.

That not good enough for you? The whole “just be positive” speech doesn’t carry as much thunder once you’ve heard it a dozen times. Allow me to present you with another fact:

Do what you need to do to reach your goal. Do it because there is no alternative. There just isn’t. I got home from a walk in the park a few minutes ago and my dad proceeded to lecture me about my eating habits (which are pretty bad). I’m now officially 70 pounds over my personal weight limit. I have plans to live forever and the gunk in my veins is going to clog up my heart before I get the chance to discover the cure for death. I have to be healthy. It’s no longer an option of “Well, I want abs to looks sexy.” Now it’s “I need to be healthy, or I’m going to die at 30.” There is no alternative. I have no other options.

Neither do you.

You want your life to change? You want to reach your goal? You want to be something more than you are today? Do you want to do something but just can’t find the motivation? Then remember the title of this post. Because you have to do it. You have to. THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE. There’s no backup. There’s no checkpoint. There’s no restart. There’s this. This is it. Do not waste what life and time you have. You have to try. You have to do. Because there is no alternative. Humans have proven their resilience time and time again. It’s proof that you can persevere and do it too. It will be hard. It will seem impossible. But you have to. You have no other choice.

Don’t give up! Don’t give in! And always remember to DREAM BIG!

The Posts

When you run out of things to say, you must simply wait for more words to come. My absence from the blog has nothing to due with anxiety, fear, or lack of information to share with you all. On the contrary. Life has been amazing. I have new goals and plans and I’m growing and learning more about the world and about myself faster than I ever have before. I’m excited to share what I find with you. Brace yourselves.

This is the Year of the Tay! I’m going to rock it and own it and change my life into something so powerful and magnificent that it will shock all the other people like me into action. If I can do it, then you can too! We got this, guys and gals of the interwebs. We got this. Don’t forget: If you’re going to dream, dream BIG!

Fantasy Writing: Magic

The fantasy genre has many qualities about it that completely enthrall me. Among these qualities, one stands out above the rest: MAGIC.

Magic presents us with a variety of themes and feelings that thrill us. Mystical, mysterious, marvelous, and mischievous, magic presents us with a menagerie of majesty. Magic can create meaningful connections between characters, or unleash mayhem upon the world. It’s incredible. With a flick of a wand, spells can turn rats into water goblets. Muttering a binding can link one source of heat to another. Speaking the true name of something can give you power over it. Ingesting certain metals can give you special abilities. Magic presents us with the ability to do the impossible, while also giving us the burden of power. It’s a fantastic thing that brings a whole new level of complexity to a story.

So what about you? How do you use magic? Is it an elaborate system of do’s, don’ts, and rituals? Is it a simple, soft system or a complicated, hard magic? What is your favorite thing about magic? Comment below. I want to know.

ALSO, YOU SHOULD CHECK THIS OUT! I was made a moderator on this subreddit that’s devoted to magic systems. I’m trying to come up with new ideas for it. Right now, it’s just a place to post about your magic system, but I’m trying to figure out what else I can do with it. Magic-building activities or games, perhaps. Any ideas are appreciated. Go create a reddit account and post about your magic system. We want to hear about it! 😀

Love you all. Thanks for reading.

How to Travel

The Staff of Tay!
The Staff of Tay!

While adventuring in the land of Washington, my dear sister and I did many-a-thing. Fly, drive, photograph, feast, cry, laugh, poop, the whole nine yards. It became apparent to me that, while she and I have lots of fun, we rarely have plans. SO I’m going to share with you some ideas on how to travel.

Step 1: Know where you’re going

Or don’t, really. I mean, we rarely do. We usually pick a direction and just drive until we decide to turn back around. While we don’t know the place we’re heading, we do know where and why we’re going. We’re adventuring! We’re exploring for ourselves that which has been explored by others. We take our own paths and while they aren’t often the most travel, or could lead you into the city of Portland only to turn around and leave again, they are ours. We know where we are going. We are going on an adventure.


Step 2: Be open to new experiences

You have no idea what lies ahead. You can plan your trip down to the most minute detail, but there’s no guarantee you will do everything on your checklist. What if your car breaks down? What if you left your cash at home? What if you have to poop on the side of a road named after a European people? No matter what you do, or what happens to you, being open to the experience can be liberating, fun, and even life-changing.


Step 3: Go!

Believe it or not, this is the hardest step for some people. “I really want to go to England.” “I really want to climb the Himalayas.” “I really want to go scuba diving.” And we say “Okay, cool! When?” And they go “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe when I’m better off.” That’s the worst attitude you could ever have. Plan a date and time and set aside some money. Network with people who can help you travel. Join forums, websites, community groups, partnerships, anything that gets you up and moving. The only thing keeping you from your destination, from your journey is YOU.


Step 4: Document EVERYTHING

Bring a camera. Can’t afford one? Cool. I can’t either. Bring a journal. Hate writing? I can’t understand that. Bring a sketch book. Can’t draw? No biggie. Collect souvenirs. Can’t pay for them? Pick up a freaking rock from all the places you travel to. Put them all in a jar when you get home along with your plane ticket or receipt from somewhere you went while traveling and you’ll be amazed at how cool of a decoration it is. Never forget what you do, how you felt. Travels are meant to inspire, to heal, to provide perspective.


Step 5: Return home

This is the hardest step, but you can’t stay in paradise forever. Not because you have responsibilities waiting for you at home, but because if you stay, paradise will lose its touch. Don’t be afraid of the journey back. And remember, you can always leave again.


Thank you for reading. Remember: if you’re going to dream, dream BIG!


The Emerald City. The sky is often lined with silver clouds and the trees flourish a radiant green. The city stands near Puget Sound, a glistening body of water dotted with shipping vessels and sailboats. A cool breeze wafts between the massive spires and shops around the city. Hundreds of people adorn in unique layers of clothing march along the sidewalks. All in all, a fantastic city.


IMG_3617 IMG_3626

Seattle is a place where I feel completely at home. I feel light-hearted, happy, healthy, and excited when I walk down the streets, taking pictures with my sister‘s fancy Canon camera. I’ve wanted to live there for almost a year and a half now, but haven’t found the means to do so. In the meantime, I will visit as often as time will permit, start networking, and establishing something I can attach myself to when I make it my permanent residence. In other words, I love this city and will do whatever it takes to get there. Why? Because the weather is nice, the people are interesting, and I want to do what I can to make it better.

IMG_3662 IMG_3664

IMG_3669 IMG_3681

I plan to take the world by storm, starting with Seattle. This city won’t know what hit it. I’m more sure of it now than I’ve ever been. Seattle, to me, is more than just a location. It’s an opportunity. It’s a new beginning. I will make the city my home.

For more pictures and further details about my trip to Washington, check out and follow my Facebook Page.

Thanks for reading and remember: if you’re going to dream, dream BIG!