For those of you who want something deeper than the dime-a-dozen spewings of “you guys are awesome because reasons” and really want the truth about why we are the way we are, this post is probably the most accurate I’ve come across. Relatable to a tee, I find Genette’s words build more than just her backstory. They cut through the bologna that we hide behind and reveal some truths about the way our generation was raised and the way our generation will likely raise their children.

We need only to wake up from dreams of “acceptance” and move into a world of respect. Respecting one another is critical to our development. And remember, every word you will ever say matters.

Behind the Barrier

Because of the absurd length this post reached, I have done a 15-minute audio recording in case you have other things you need to be doing.

I was raised to hate myself.

Maybe it was accidental. Maybe it was on purpose. I’m starting to disagree that hindsight is 20/20. More often than not, hindsight is colored by our intrinsic optimism or intrinsic pessimism. One of the few blessings of being bipolar is that I can see the past from both sides, depending on the day.

I digress.

You’ve probably been told a lot of the same things I’ve heard. Let’s recount the basics:

  • “You will never be as good as I was.”
  • “You will never be as pretty as I was.”
  • “You need to try to be as thin as I was at your age.”
  • “You aren’t funny. Stop talking.”
  • “You aren’t smart enough to do that.”
  • “There’s nothing you…

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